Hi, I am Anne-Mirthe. Welcome to my blog where I share my write-ups of the hacks I did on HackTheBox amongst other things.

There is much for hackers to learn from each other’s approach. Write-ups provide an insight into someone’s way of thinking and are ideal for learning new techniques or taking a critical look at your own approach. I have recently learned a lot from other hackers (hobbyists or professionals) in this field. Through this blog I want to contribute to this community.

Cybersecurity has always fascinated me. After having had several software development jobs, I decided to take the risk and change careers. I am going to dive into the world of cyber security. Thanks to my background, I know the reasoning of a software developer as well as that of a hacker. Development experience also gives me an advantage while writing my own hacking tools.

When I’m offline, I’m probably sailing the Dutch waters. Is there no wind? Then it is quite possible that I am writing (or troubleshooting for that matter) electronics or software at my local hackerspace with the ultimate and probably unfeasible goal: A self-sailing ship.

Feedback is much appreciated. Do you have any questions or would you like to exchange thoughts? Then don’t hesitate to contact me! Send me a tweet or say ‘hi’ on Discord (Myrtle#5162).


Photo by Dennis van Zuijlekom